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Defining the perfect face is subjective; however, when asked, many patients and professionals tend to agree on one aspect of the facial aesthetic: having a balanced facial structure is essential. For many people, a lack of definition in one or more areas of the face can have a significant impact on their overall appearance, self-esteem, […]

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Tom Hardy, Jamie Dornan, Anthony Joshua, Ryan Gosling, and Idris Elba: besides being named the top five Sexiest Men of the Year for 2018 by Glamour Magazine, the superstars in this lineup all have one other characteristic in common: a strong, well-defined jawline. This trait is one of the most coveted symbols of male beauty […]

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For the vast majority of our lives, breathing is an automatic action that we rarely have to consider. Despite how little we have to think about it, it is one of the most fundamentally necessary functions to our health. Oxygen deprivation can cause a slew of immediate and long-term health issues. While we are awake […]


Jaw Surgery can have a dramatic effect on many aspects of your life.


Chin augmentation is the term given to any procedure performed to reshape, reduce or enlarge the chin.